Are you an Irrational Optimist?

In Bounce Magazine, Matthew Syed quotes Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, one of the most successful football (soccer) coaches in the English Premier League, on how athletes must approach competition:

To perform to your maximum you have to teach yourself to believe with an intensity that goes way beyond logical justification. No top performer has lacked this capacity for irrational optimism; no sportsman has played to his potential without the ability to remove doubt from his mind.”

The same is true for everyone. Be smart, be logical, be rational and calculating, and never stop trying to improve your skills. But most important, be irrationally optimistic.

Jack Welch, ex-CEO of GE has espoused this irrational optimism as a trait he has admired in his successful managers during his tenure at General Electric.

Anyway, enough of that.

Here is your “Starter for Ten,” Bamber – some of you will remember this ditty from University Challenge TV in the 1980s.

Besides that, I came up with the following little intergalactic cosmic brain-mosh-pit mensa-like puzzle thingy while listening to some new time-signature-challenging Indian Guru Raga Jogeshwari music the other night. Really.

Again, this is better read aloud. Slowly. To some else, close by, who is listening. To you.

While the word One is unique, you’ll notice it is made-up of three letters, as is won, however solo is four.

On the other hand, the word to, correctly reflects its make-up of two letters, as does the word Two which is three, as does too.

But the word trio is four, but Three is five.

Then again Four IS four.

Interestingly Five only has four, but quartet, as in four, is seven,

and Six comprises three. Yet again half-a-dozen’s got eleven.

Come to think of it, Sextet can confuse us with an accurate six,

but Seven can also be six, as in Septet.

Gosh darn it, Eight, as in Octet, is even less than seven, at five, but Ate, however is three,

whereas Nine is more in-line, at four.

Finally, there is Ten…but, hang on a minute, that is two…digits (1 and 0)


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